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Magorgor Safari Lodge


For those who want to experience Africa in a more luxurious manner and maybe want to bring along family and/or friends who are not keen hunters, we have this comfortable camp available.


Magorgor is the Venda name for the Corkwood tree which grows naturally around the camp and the rest of the area. 7 of the 9 species can be identified here.


The lodge consists of 15 en-suite air-conditioned rooms that can be arranged into  2 x single bed or 1 x double bed units. Furthermore this camp has a large thatched roof for lazy lounging around, reading a book or enjoying a refreshing drink etc. Satellite television (Dstv) to keep up to date with world news and sport and a swimming pool to wash of the African dust is available.


There is a fully equipped kitchen from where mouth watering South African cuisine will be served.


A short but steep hiking trail with panoramic views runs around the lodge.


During the evenings you can sit around a nice camp fire with a relaxing drink in hand while discussing the day’s events - albeit as a hunter or the experience of a non-hunter. This will be something to remember forever by everyone.


The fact that this camp is the more luxurious option does not deter from the fact that you will have a fantastic and all out Africa and hunting safari experience. If you think this is the option for you, feel free to contact us!!

Mushashani Bush Camp    


If you want to experience your hunting safari in a more rugged  and  authentic manner you should definitely book your safari with us at Mushashani Bush Camp. Mushashani is the Venda (The local BaVenda tribe) word that refers to a temporary shelter for hunters while hunting. It is built to represent the traditional “Venda Kraal” (Housing setup of the local BaVenda tribe).


The camp does have all the basic necessities like electricity, warm water, air conditioning and comfortable beds. We call this “ The Real Hunters Camp”.   So if you want to hunt for top trophy species from very early  in the morning  and you want to enjoy the more traditional African environment this safari is for you.


You can , however,  expect to still be treated to outstanding South African cuisine whilst having great hunting conversation around a  roaring camp fire. If all off the above sound  appetizing to you, please book now for the experience of  your life!!