Things to do

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Things to do.

If you love walking, our farms have interesting hiking trails with scenic vantage points from hills and at water holes

Daily game drives

Musina has a very unique and interesting golf course at very affordable fees

Venetia Diamond mine – Biggest open cast mine in Africa

Things to do

Day trips to Kruger and Mapungubwe National Parks


Day trips to Venda – Fundudzi Lake, Soutpansberg Mountains, The Big Tree (Baobab) ext.

Johannesburg is a mere 4 hours drive from the farms.  If you wish to prolong your visit before or after your hunt to experience another part of our beautiful country, we would love to arrange this for you.  Trips to – for example -the

Cape wine lands, Sun City or the low veld region can be arranged

Lowveld – God’s window, waterfalls, Pilgrims Rest, Sabie, Long Tom pass, trout fishing

Sun City – Million dollar golf is played there.  Gambling hotspot of South Africa. Beautiful hotels, live entertainment and watersport.